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Updated 1/4/2014 -- Kookoolan Farms no longer offers raw milk.  For sources please visit www.realmilk.com. 

In 28 states including Oregon, raw milk sales of some kind are legal.  Laws regulating the sale of raw milk in the United States vary tremendously from state to state.  In some states, raw milk is sold in mainstream grocery stores and at farmer's markets.  In other states, the drinking raw milk is a criminal act, even if it's your own cow and the milk hasn't been bought or sold by anybody.  Government-required warning labels must state that the milk has not been pasteurized and may contain disease producing organisms.

Oregon raw milk sales are highly restricted but are legal under a small farm exemption.  (Oregon Administrative Rules, 603-024).  According to Oregon Law, the Oregon Dept of Agriculture does not license raw milk dairies, which makes the exemption below the only way of legally distributing or obtaining raw milk in Oregon.  No licensing or testing is required.  The dairy law exempts from licensing a person owning not more than three dairy cows that have calved at least once; nine sheep that have lactated at least once; or nine goats that have lactated at least once.  The fluid milk from these animals may be sold for human consumption only if:
1.  The person does not advertise the milk for sale.
2. The milk is sold directly to the consumer on the premises where it is produced.
3.  No more than three cows which have lactated even once and no more than two producing dairy cows, nine producing sheep or nine producing goats are located on the premises where the milk is produced. 

In 1987, the FDA banned the transport of fluid raw milk into interstate comerce (crossing state lines).  This means that it is illegal for an Oregon resident to buy raw milk in Washington and bring it back to Oregon; it is illegal for a Washington resident to buy raw milk in Oregon and bring it back to Washington.

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