15713 Highway 47, Yamhill, Oregon 97148 ... email kookoolan@gmail.com ... phone Farmer Chrissie at (503) 730-7535
organic farming practices ... pasture-raised poultry, meats, and eggs ... mead and kombucha

est. October 2005
Now in our ninth year of farming!
15713 Highway 47
Yamhill, Oregon 97148
Phone 503-730-7535
email us at kookoolan@gmail.com

Our unique, on-farm, self-service, farmstore is open Monday through Saturday 8am to 6pm.  F
or your first visit only we ask that you call to make an appointment for a brief orientation on how to shop!

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  • World famous Kookoolan Farms CHICKEN (available May through October)
    • If you want to enjoy our pasture-raised chickens in the winter, your freezer needs to be stocked up before the end of October to get you through until May the following year. 
  • 100% pasture-raised grass-fed BEEF (available year-round) 
  • 100% grass-fed LAMBS (available May through October)
  • Pasture-raised RED WATTLES PORK (available year-round)
  • Pasture-raised BERKSHIRE PORK (available year-round
  • Our famous PAMPERED PIGS (available year-round)
Page updated 8/21/2013
Hello and Welcome!  We're so glad you found us!

Kookoolan Farms is a small, pasture-based, diversified family farm.  We offer chicken eggs from pasture-raised hens;  humanely raised, hand-butchered chicken April through October; ducks and other specialty poultry; and custom-processed, grass-fed, pasture-raised venison, beef, lamb and pork shares.  Custom-processed meats must be reserved in advance while the animal is still alive. 

Our Vegetable Program enrolling now -- pro-rated late additions welcome!

Beef shares (1/8th animal, about 80-90 pounds hanging weight, about 50-60 pounds finished meat) available year-round, generally taking reservations two to three months in advance.

Pork (1/2 animal, about 80-120 pounds hanging weight, about 75-90 pounds finished meat), pasture-raised Red Wattles available year-round; "regular pampered pigs" available May through October; and pasture-raised Berkshire for January 2014

Lamb shares (1/2 animal, about 30-33 pounds hanging weight, about 25-28 pounds finished meat), reserving now for October 2013 and May 2014

For beef, pork, and lamb reservations we require a $50 deposit per item reserved.

Call 503-730-7535, or email
kookoolan@gmail.com for details on any of these products, or to reserve.

We offer TWO full lines of
cheesemaking supplies, ingredients and equipment -- virtually anything you need to make any kind of cheese your heart desires is in stock now at Kookoolan Farms.  We carry supplies from New England Cheesemaking Supply Company, New Zealand's "Mad Millie" line, and Portland's own Urban Cheesecraft cheesemaking kits.  Glengarry products coming soon.  We believe that we are the largest, most complete shop for the home cheesemaker anywhere in the northwest and possibly anywhere in the western United States.  We also offer CLASSES for home cheesemaking, home dairying, and other topics.
   We offer cheesemaking classes almost every weekend! 

FARMER'S MARKET:  We attend only the Hillsdale Farmer's Market, www.hillsdalefarmersmarket.com, a wonderful, year-round market in southwest Portland.  The market runs weekly six months of the year and twice monthly six months of the year. Kookoolan Farms attends EVERY OTHER week, May through October.  Our 2013 dates are Sep 8 & 22; and Oct 6 & 20.

Please read our Sustainability Practices.  Our self-service farmstore is open daily 8am-6pm, but if it's your first time to our farmstore please call first to schedule a very brief orientation, 503-730-7535
You can email us at Chrissie and Koorosh Zaerpoor  kookoolan@gmail.com
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