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Beef Shares

Shares of Beef from

1/16 of an animal

to the whole cow


Lamb Shares

1/2 or Whole Animals


Poultry Products

Pasture Raised Chickens and Ducks


Seafood Shares

Sashimi Grade, Sustainably Caught

Our Animals

Kookoolan Farms is your source for high quality proteins for the family freezer. We offer shares of 100% grassfed beef, 100% grassfed lamb, certified-sustainably-caught sushi-grade seafood, and organically-fed, free-ranged poultry. How much freezer space do you need?  Give us a call - we're happy to talk about your freezer space and budget and what we can offer you!  Now is a great time to stock up for winter!


All of our products are sustainable, carefully raised, harvested, and processed. Our Farmstore is a hub for hyper-local natural foods, that are good for the body and soul. 


We know that the prospect of new meat shortages and winter storms is scary.  Yes we can take care of you for beef and more!

We want to be your farm!



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15713 Highway 47

Tel: 503-730-7535


9-5 Wed-Sun

Download the FREE Kookoolan Farms Guide to Freezer Beef! 

Our 28-page FREE guide answers all your questions about buying farm-direct meats in bulk.  How much freezer space do you need? What cuts do you get? How much does it cost? It's all in here! 

(We promise this is just a simple PDF, no spyware or malware.)

Welcome to Kookoolan Farms!