Kookoolan Farms

established October 2005


Call or email today and you can have 100% Grass-Fed beef in your freezer as soon as May 22.  100% grassfed lamb half or whole can be in your freezer as soon as May 29.  Retail lamb cuts by the piece, and wild-caughT seafood available by the piece, for walk-in purchase right now.


Updated April 6, 2020:  Our farmstore is

open daily 9am to 6pm.  Please call ahead to make an appointment for your FIRST visit.  After that you are welcome to shop at your pleasure.CASH or Check only, no credit or debit cards.  We have about ten customers a day, and most of what we sell is pre-reserved.  This means other people don't handle your stuff before you buy it, unlike mainstream groceries.  We have a bottle of hand sanitizer just inside the door, as we have had every day for the past 15 years.  YES we are open for business!

NO farmer's markets.  No deliveries.  No commercial accounts. We don't have slick high-tech online ordering.  We're an old-fashioned farm offering you an old-fashioned relationship with your food and your farmer. Kookoolan Farms products are only available direct to individual families just like yours.  call us today! 503-730-7535

Beef, Lamb and seafood have excellent availability.

Chickens sold out for 2020, accepting waitlist/standby names.

100% grass-fed Grass-finished beef available year-round, reserving now for all months in 2020 . 

100% grass-fed Grass-finished lamb now available year-round,

reserving now for all months 2020.

NEW!  We have gorgeous seafood available on a walk-in basis in our farmstore.  ALL our seafood is:


in pristine waters

Monterrey Bay Aquarium "green" (except shrimp, yellow)

NO added chemicals, preservatives, plumpers of any kind

sashimi grade

Currently offering:

Alaskan Wild-caught Cod

Oregon wild-caught Albacore Tuna Loin

Mexican wild-caught jumbo shrimp

wild-caught North Atlantic Sea Scallops

Alaskan wild-caught Sockeye Salmon fillets

Alaskan wild-caught boneless skinless HALIBUT portions

Seafood "Share Boxes" available to order:

25 lbs wild sockeye salmon $350

10 lbs wild halibut portions $229

25 lbs wild Pacific Cod $234

30 lbs wild Oregon albacore tuna loins $435

20 lbs wild mexican jumbo shrimp $310

Beef and lamb orders may be picked up either from our farm in Yamhill, or from our processor The Meating Place in Hillsboro - potentially saving you 90 minutes of driving!

free-ranged, organic-fed chickens completely sold out for 2020.

It is never too early to reserve for your preferred timing.

Chrissie's book is your free gift just for walking into our farmstore!  It's a beautiful hardcover, 432-page, 345-color-photographs full-color coffee table book, a celebration of mead, mead lore, food, and mead-and-food pairings.  More than 60 of Farmer Chrissie's favorite food recipes, all paired with mead!  

"The Art of Mead Tasting and Food Pairing"

MEAD:  both a pinot noir pyment "Copper" and a semisweet traditional mead "Elegance" available for $29 each!  Meads are also available at some Market of Choice groceries and at The Black Squid in Lincoln City.


Kookoolan Farms Pinot Noir

from our own vineyard managed by Chrissie

$20 or case of 12 for $200

Available Now!

For fastest reply, email kookoolan@gmail.com 

OR Phone us at (503) 730-7535

Kookoolan Chicken

In business since 2005, we are the longest-tenured small poultry producer in the Portland area - and there's a reason for that. Small social groups, fed only organic-certified feed, along with grass, bugs and lots of fresh air, our chickens are big, meaty, and incredibly delicious. We sell out early, reserve early to avoid disappointment. 

100% Grassfed Beef and Lamb

Healthy, happy animals and carefully managed slaughter day: clean, wholesome meat. We offer beef and lamb by fractional shares (half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth beef; half or whole lamb). Pickup options either in Yamhill or NEW in Hillsboro.  Learn more.

Good Things to Drink

Farmer Chrissie has been making mead since about 1997.  We no longer offer a formal tasting room with regular hours, but tastings of our mead, pyment, and pinot noir are available anytime by appointment, call ahead at (503) 730-7535.  Follow Chrissie's book on mead and food pairing!

Farm Store


Our farm-store is self-service and open 

daily 9am-5pm, and anytime by appointment.

For your first visit, please call ahead to schedule an appointment. We like to show you the ropes your first time through.


Find our Food

Kookoolan Farms just sells direct, to families just like yours.  Find us at:

  • Our farmstore at our farm in Yamhill, open daily 9am to 5pm, please call ahead for your first visit.

  • Sorry, we no longer do ANY farmer's markets.  We like to be home on our farm.

  • Sorry, no deliveries.

  • Sorry, not available in grocery stores, restaurants, or buying clubs.

Farm Cottage

Our mission-furnished, two-bedroom, 1000-square-foot luxury cottage is available for farm stays.  Your apartment includes a full kitchen and pick-your-own access to our organically raised vegetable and herb gardens.  Take a look!

Kookoolan Farms 

15713 Highway 47,

Yamhill, Oregon 97148





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