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The Farm Store

The Source Farms farmstore at 15713 Highway 47, Yamhill, Oregon, is a hub for hyper-local, premium natural and quality foods. 

Inside you can find retail cuts of our 100% grass-fed-and-finished lamb and beef; pasture-raised heritage-breed pork; pasture-raised poultry in season; and our wild-caught sushi-grade seafood; as well as a rotating cast of locally produced food products including organic milk, cream and butter; local raw honey; jam, fresh pasta, and more. Coming summer 2022: subscribe to our Garden Share program and fresh handmade bread subscribe program! 

You'll be happy to discover Elegance: Farmer Chrissie's international-award-winning "whole-hive" Mead, inspired by the idea that the very first meads were accidents of nature with no human hand.  Elegance is made from raw Oregon honey, with beeswax, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly added back in for all the aromas of the hive, and aged on French oak.  $35.

Our Yamhill farmstore is open EVERY day, 9-6 (closed July 4th).  Open to the public, no membership or reservation required.  Just drop in, we'll be happy to "meat" you!

~ scroll down for a closer look at a few of our current offerings ~

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