Elegance and Copper - whole hive honey mead

Kookoolan Farms' "Purity" Kombucha is alive with probiotics - like kombucha should be.


Original Kookoolan Blend made with loose-leaf, organic Earl Grey Black Tea and a soft amount of Organic Cane Sugar, same recipe since 2006 and every batch handmade by Farmer Chrissie.  Our Kombucha is citrusy and bright, sweet and tart but never vinegary.


NEW 100% Organic Rose Tea is fermented from certified organic culinary-grade rose petals, organic green jasmine tea, and a smidge of organic black tea for tannins, with certified organic cane sugar.  Floral and refreshing, terrific paired with exotic Eastern foods.


At 1.5% alcohol, you must be 21 years of age or older to consume this product.


$3.50 per bottle; three bottles for $10; case of 12 for $33.  Bring the rinsed empty bottle back for a 50-cent refund!



Vin de Noix, or Green Walnut Wine, is a traditional French aperitif made by steeping unripe walnut fruits in a combination of red wine, mead and brandy.


We make a version with certified biodynamic red wine from Montinore Estates, Christian Brothers brandy, Farmer Chrissie's housemade mead, certified organic cane sugar, organic vanilla beans, orange peel, and cloves, plus the young walnut fruits from the 100-year-old English Walnut tree on our farm. The result is a smooth, mellow, aromatic, rich dark mahogany liqueur, perfect for after dinner like port, or drizzled over ice cream.


For a refreshing summer cocktail, pour over ice cubes in a tall glass, and fill with sparkling water.


375ml bottles $22.  As of June 2018 we are down to the last case of Vin de Noix, this will sell out soon.

Vin de Noix

Farmer Chrissie has been making mead since 1997, and Kookoolan has been a licensed winery since 2009.  Our Elegance semi-sweet mead, and Copper pyment have both been medal winners at the Mazer Cup.  Private tastings anytime by appointment, (call 503-730-7535).

Chrissie's book, "The Art of Mead Tasting and Food Pairing," is available both in our farmstore and online directly from us.  Individual copies can be bought from Amazon; commercial cases for resale can be bought directly from Chrissie.

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Kookoolan's "Elegance" took home silver in the Semi-Sweet Traditional mead category at both the 2014 and 2015 Mazer Cup International, the world's largest mead competition with 350 commercial entries last year.

Elegance is a whole hive mead; that means we use the pollen, royal jelly, propolis, and bees wax in addition to the honey during fermentation. We source unique honey varieties and do everything to retain the freshness, leaving the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals intact by not high-heat pasteurizing- raw honey, cold-processed, just the way nature would do it. Aged in French oak barrels.  Rounded, smooth, semisweet, and irresistible - Elegance is our tribute to nature's simple, elegant beauty.  5% residual sugar and 14.8% ABV.

Copper is a pyment:  a blend of 45% pinot noir grape wine from our own estate vineyard, plus 55% Elegance mead.  Beautiful copper color, drinks like a rosé.  Semisweet at 2.4% residual sugar.  14.2% ABV.  Bronze medal winner at the 2018 Mazer Cup Competition.

750ml $29 each.  Yes we can ship to most states.  Sorry we cannot ship internationally (not even Canada).  Email me your order along with your UPS shipping address and best daytime phone number.  I will take your order to UPS at which time I will know your packing and shipping charges.  I will then email you your invoice, and you will mail me a check.  

"I've been making mead as a homebrewer for nearly 20 years, and am smitten with the idea that mead is this common, joyous, ancient thread shared by all cultures and societies all over the earth, each with our own spin on wines made from honey."

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