Meat Shares

100% Grass-fed Beef

We have 100% grass-fed-and-grass-finished Beef available year-round by the half, quarter, eighth or sixteenth.  Please email Farmer Chrissie at for pricing, availability, and share details.  Historically we were reserving ahead about 1-2 months leadtime but Covid has changed everything: our backlog is now several months.  Ordering early is crucial, and it is strongly recommended to join our Beef Club to set up your recurring order so that you never run out.  Beef keeps well in the freezer for two years so there is no downside to ordering ahead!

Oregon grass is famous all over the world, and that makes western Oregon one of the best places in the world to raise cattle and sheep.  Our Oregon beef graze on grass pasture all day, every day, and can eat as much grass, clover, and pasture weeds as they want.  Did you know that grazing animals can save the planet by sequestering carbon deep in our soils?  Beef cattle produced with regenerative agriculture do not contribute to global warming.  They contribute to reducing global warming.  Regenerative grazing practices were one of the most key features of the Paris Climate Accord of 2015.  The #1 most effective carbon sink on our planet ... is soil.  Watch the movie Kiss the Ground.  Watch the movie Sacred Cow.  Watch the movie The Biggest Little Farm.  Our 100% grassfed cattle are grown and finished on grass, not on grain. We feed locally grown whole corn ONLY as a training treat*.  During cold months we also supplement with grass, clover, and alfalfa hays*.

Feel free to call Farmer Chrissie at (503) 730-7535 or email us at with any questions or to order a share.  I "get it" that it can feel intimidating to place your first order of bulk beef, and I am happy to answer all your questions.  Really.  I've been answering questions about bulk beef every day since 2006, so I know what you want to ask me:  how much meat is half a cow?  what does a quarter of a cow look like in my freezer?  What cuts are in a beef hindquarter?  how much freezer space do you need? how long will the share keep in the freezer? how long will it take your family to finish the share? what about bones for making stock? Just call me already, I'm happy to talk with you about how to buy half a cow or any of our share packages.


Pick up at Kookoolan Farms in Yamhill, or at our processor The Meating Place in Hillsboro, or we offer meat delivery Portland through our partner Driveawayz.

*Our beef is not certified organic, but the pastures they are raised on have never been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides nor chemically fertilized in more than 30 years. Our corn is locally grown, non-GMO corn but it is not certified organic.  The custom processing plant that we use is not certified organic but meat is minimally processed -- no chemicals or fillers or detergents of any kind are added to your meat, and meat is not irradiated.  We use small amounts of whole corn only as a training treat to manage the safety of our herd, not as a substantial part of their diet.  Whole corn passes out the back end essentially undigested.

Since 2005, Kookoolan Farms has been recognized as one of the best local beef farms.  Our animals are never in a feedlot, are never trucked live to slaughter, and have no contact with any herd other than the small group they're raised in - based on practices and methods developed by Temple Grandin.

100% grass-fed-and-grass-finished beef and lamb are available year-round.  Reserve your half a cow, or front quarter beef, hind quarter beef, eighth, or sixteenth in advance, and then pick-up at our family farm in Yamhill, Oregon, or at our processor in Hillsboro.  


Over the past 15 years, we've had literally thousands of happy customers who consider Kookoolan Farms to be where to buy grass fed beef locally!  We only sell direct to individual families - just like yours.  Our customers come from the entire Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area, Salem, Corvallis/Eugene, Ashland/Roseburg, and as far away as Seattle, Bend, and Gresham.  We're closer than you think.  Truth is, once or twice to fill up your freezer with the best local grass-fed beef for your family, it's a beautiful drive and a great excuse to explore the many bounties of Yamhill County!


For more information or to reserve, email, or phone Farmer Chrissie at (503) 730-7535.


Our Mission 

"Our mission is to provide exceptional grass-fed beef, raised on a 100% grass-fed-and-finished diet (we use grass, clover and alfalfa hays in the winter), without antibiotics or added growth hormones. We believe in practicing the highest animal welfare standards that apply to all stages of an animal's life and environment."


Customer picking up a 1/8th share of beef in our farmstore.  Your 1/8th beef share fits in one Ikea bag just like this, and requires 2.5 cubic feet of freezer space.  Beef is frozen in individually-wrapped and labelled packages just like he's holding.  Beef is frozen solid ready for your freezer.  Beef, lamb and chicken all keep well in the freezer for at least two years.

No other farm offers the 15-years-strong Kookoolan Farms money-back guarantee: you will love your meat, or we will buy it back and eat it ourselves.

Don't take our word for it - check out our customer reviews on our Facebook page!

Email Farmer Chrissie at to request our detailed beef flier.

100% Grassfed Lamb

A whole lamb, or a 1/8th beef, fits in one blue IKEA bag, about 2.5 cubic feet of finished, cut-and-wrapped meat.  We used to use actual Ikea bags. Now we have our own boxes (photo below, 4 boxes = 1/4 beef).

Our lambs are raised on a grass pasture that has never been sprayed or fertilized with any artificial anything in more than 30 years.  Our 100% grass-fed-and-100% grass-finished lambs eat exclusively grass, alfalfa, and mother’s milk, with not even a single grain in their lifetime diet.  

Whole lambs $8.55/lb hanging weight about $600 total cost, custom-processed to your instructions. 


Half lambs $8.80/lb hanging weight about $300 total cost, standard cuts only, sorry no customization for half lambs. 

Retail cuts available daily in our farmstore.

JUST A FEW LEFT!  Half and whole lambs available October 16 and then December 18 2020, order today.  Available every month in 2021.  Sorry, no live animal sales and no on-site slaughter allowed.

Feel free to call the farm at (503) 730-7535 or email us at for questions or to order a half or whole lamb. 

Kookoolan Farms 100% grassfed lamb.


All Kookoolan Farms beef and lamb is "custom exempt killed".  This means our animals are never trucked to slaughter and never held in a feedlot. 


Instead they are slaughtered in the field where they live, greatly reducing the stress in the process for the animal: a difference you can taste.  On processing day, our animals get their usual alfalfa hay "treats" in the treat barn.  The animals whose "day with destiny" it is are kept back, and the rest of the herd is sent to the farthest corner of the pasture, away from the slaughtering, so that they are not traumatized.  That day's animals get to hang out in the treat barn, having their fill of their most favorite treat, for as long as it takes for the day's appointment to show up.  Basically they get to spend their last day with their hand in the cookie jar all day.  The skinned and gutted carcasses are taken back to the bricks-and-mortar meat locker for hanging/dry-ageing, and then for cut, wrap, label, and freeze. 


We exclusively use The Meating Place in Hillsboro for our beef and lamb processing.  Please note that Kookoolan Farms meats are NOT available in the retail meat shop at The Meating Place.  (1) we're not that big, and (2) our meats are not legal for retail sale because they've had that custom exempt kill, not a USDA kill.  Interesting, isn't it, that the butchering however is done at the same place!  For a half beef, a front quarter beef, a rear quarter beef, or a whole lamb, the meat is custom processed for you to instructions you provide.  For split quarters, eighths, and sixteenths, and for half lambs, we offer only our standard cut packages (write or call for details). 

You will have the option to pick up your finished meat either from our farm in Yamhill, or from The Meating Place.

"Our animals only have one bad day."  And we do everything we can to make that last day as stress-free as we can.  Here the day's two grass-finished beef are hanging out with Farmer Scott in the treats barn -- note the mountain of fresh alfalfa hay, their favorite food.  This photo was taken just a few minutes before the end of the line for these two cattle.  You can see in the photo how comfortable and relaxed they are, right up to literally the last minute.

Our beef and lamb is all processed at The Meating Place in Hillsboro.  Check out the outstanding reviews on Yelp.

This is a 1/8th regular beef share in a standard freezer.  You will need about 2.5 cubic feet of freezer space to store any of our 1/8th shares.

A sixteenth beef share or half lamb easily fits just on the door of the standard household refrigerator/freezer you have now.  Even if you have a small apartment in downtown Portland, you can buy grassfed beef too.

This terrific little $3 eBook, available from Amazon (just click on the cover) will tell you everything you need to know about buying a share of grassfed beef direct from a farmer.

How much beef is half a cow?  A half beef requires about 11 cubic feet of freezer space and will have a total cost of about $1800.  This will give you about 225 lbs of finished beef -- just like this, every package labelled with its cut.  For a family of four eating about 5 lbs of beef a week, that's about a year's worth of beef.  Beef and lamb keep well in the freezer for at least two years with absolutely no sign of freezer burn or any change in texture or flavor.

We'll provide your finished beef cut, wrapped, labelled, frozen, and boxed.  How much meat is a quarter of a cow?  Depending on its size and the extra goodies you select, a quarter beef fills three to five boxes - this requires about 5 cubic feet of freezer space.  A half beef fills six to ten boxes.  A 1/8th share takes two boxes.

We include bones, fat, and organ meats at your option and at no additional charge!  Render your own fat to make your own soap, candles, lip balm, body balm, and cooking oil!  Make your own bone broth from grassfed bones!  Give your pet healthy raw bones!  Experiment with liver, heart, and kidney!  We do not charge extra for any of these parts!  (Sorry not available to purchase separately.  But FREE with your purchase of a half, quarter, eighth or sixteenth beef, or with a half or whole lamb ..