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Pastured Pork Shares

Tabula Rasa Farms Pastured Pork


Tabula Rasa Farms raises heritage-cross breeds that are ideally suited to thrive in the natural environment of the farm.  Many of these heritage breeds were once at risk of being lost as factory farms consolidated pork production around fast-growing breeds engineered to be lean and survive in confinement.


Our hogs love to forage. They are free to roam our pastures and our forest land feasting on wildflowers, truffles, wild apples, and falling acorns—which is why we describe our pork as pastured and forested. And, you can definitely tell the difference in flavor—having all that forage with the added need to work for it creates the right balance of fat and produces a meat that is a deep, rich color. This combination coupled with a natural, stress-free life contributes to their deliciously unique flavor that is high in Omega 3s, Vitamin E and D, and minerals.


Tabula Rasa Farms premium pork is available in individual cuts and curated boxes at the Farm Store. Contact us to see what's available.


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