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All About a Half Beef from Kookoolan Farms

Our price for a half cow is $5.80/lb hanging weight. (Hanging weight is when the "side of beef" (AKA ) is hanging on a hook in one piece in the meat locker.) This is an all inclusive price, no additional or hidden fees for processing or for anything else. The price includes kill fee, carcass disposal fee, 12 days of dry-ageing, custom cut and wrap to your processing instructions (you can preview that process HERE by stepping through the questionnaire with bogus answers, but please do not save your instructions until I ask you to do, getting early or extraneous instructions confuses our processor), labelling and freezing, bones fat and organs at your option and at no additional charge, plus a free cookbook of your choice (we have more than 40 titles to choose from at our farmstore in Yamhill as shown in photo). A half beef can range from about 290 to about 400 pounds, but most of our half beeves are around 340-350 pounds. Your total price is $5.25/lb times about 340-350 pounds, about $2000 total cost. We charge by the pound, each half is different!

This photo shows the muscle meats you get with a typical half beef. Plus lots of ground beef!


What's the yield for half a cow? Half a cow "yields" about 66% finish-to-hang, meaning that for a 340-lb hanging weight half, you can expect about 225 lbs of finished (cut and wrapped) meat, not counting bones, fat and organs. You will need about 11 cubic feet of freezer space to store this. That's about four big blue Ikea bags. Note that these photos also show how you can expect your finished beef to be wrapped: steaks and roasts double wrapped in butcher paper with each cut labelled. Ground beef in 1-to-2-lb vacuum tubes, you specify package size and fat %. Your beef will keep well in the freezer at least two years with no deterioration in flavor or texture and with no freezer burn. (The colder you run your freezer, the better and longer everything in your freezer will keep.) If that's more meat than you were expecting, yes we do offer smaller shares, CLICK HERE to check out our detailed beef flier!

What cuts are in half a cow? One of the special pleasures of ordering a custom half beef is getting that meat cut and wrapped exactly as you prefer it. We strive to make this as stress-free as possible for you. Please check out our blog posts on Front Quarter and Rear Quarter -- a half beef is comprised of one of each. At the highest level, you can expect about 50% ground beef, 20% roasts, 20% steaks, and 10% miscellaneous cuts such as ribs and cross-cut shanks and stew meat, but there is a wide latitude to adjusting this to your preferences. Steaks can be any thickness you prefer. Roasts can be any size you prefer. Beef custom tailored to your family size and cooking preferences!

A half beef provides meals for a typical family of four for about a year.

This photo shows half a beef in a chest freezer.

Your Kookoolan Farms ground beef comes to you in these vacuum-packed tubes, sized 1-lb or 1.5-lb or 2-lb as you prefer!

A half beef comes to you in about 8 of these boxes (can vary from 6 to 12 boxes depending on the weight of your animal and whether you are asking for lots of extra bones, fat, and organ meats).


To reserve you can simply phone us (503) 730-7535 or email We will verify that we have all your contact information (full name, phone number and email) and we'll ask for a $200 deposit to confirm -- you can mail us a check payable to Kookoolan Farms, or use your online banking/billpay to have your bank send us a check, or use Zelle to transfer the money, or we can add a 3% service fee and run your credit or debit card.

A Kookoolan Farms T-bone steak


Your cow will be slaughtered about two weeks before the promised finish date, and within a day or two later, we will email you with the exact weight and price of your half cow, and with the link to our processor's web page so you can put in your custom cutting instructions. We’ll also ask you to commit to WHEN and WHERE you would prefer to pick up your finished meat (either at our farm in Yamhill, or directly from our processor The Meating Place in Hillsboro). If picking up at the farm you'll pay the balance when you pick up. If picking up at The Meating Place you'll mail us a second check for the balance and you will not pay anything else when you pick up.

Kookoolan Farms New York strip steak


100% grass-fed and grass-finished. Field-killed (not trucked to slaughter) for the gentlest possible "last day" for the cow and for the absolute best quality and flavor for you. Twelve full days of dry-ageing for tenderness and flavor. Only Kookoolan Farms has our money-back guarantee: you will love your beef or we will buy it back and eat it ourselves.

Kookoolan Farms beef cattle feeding on pasture


Kookoolan Farms was established in October 2005 and we have had literally thousands of happy customers for our grassfed beef, grassfed lamb, pasture-raised organic-fed chickens, premium wild-caught seafood, and wine and mead. We prefer to let our customers tell you about us: you can check out our reviews on google, facebook or yelp. We look forward to helping you fill your freezer with premium grass-fed meats and wild-caught seafood from a local farm you can trust. We are at your service by phone or email if you have additional questions as you’re considering our grassfed beef, and when you're ready to order.

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