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Beef Price Increase September 1, 2021

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

In the US economy, some level of inflation is forced into the system, and farming and meat production is no exception. Since long-term planning is the basis of our model, we can usually avoid price volatility, but in the long run cost increases do catch up with us. We had plans to do a price review in 2020, but covid and meat shortages made it feel morally wrong to do so. While mainstream meat prices did increase 10% in the past year according to the USDA, we absorbed the extra cost and Kookoolan Farms prices have stayed at the same level since late 2016. That is coming to an end this September. New orders with a ready date of September 1st and later will experience a 10% price increase.

Click here to read the Kookoolan Farms guide to freezer meat. This includes descriptions of all our packages, and includes a summery of current and future prices.

To order or to get additional information, just call us at 503-730-7535 or email

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