Farm Fresh Eggs

Chicken eggs from pastured hens are available daily for $6.00 per dozen, only at our Farmstore in Yamhill. 

We are one of only a handful of farms in the state to have licensed, inspected poultry processing on site at our farm.  We have been licensed and inspected by the Oregon Department of Agriculture since July 2007.


ALL our meat chickens are pasture-raised by Chrissie and Koorosh here on our own farm, eat only 100% certified organic feed, and are allowed outside to eat grass and bugs, while getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine. They are raised in small social groups of only 180 members per group, and are never confined to constricting cages.

Outdoor-raised poultry is in season during the warm, dry months; we offer chicken only June through October each year. Reserved chickens sell out early, with limited walk-in availability on processing days.  If you want a Kookoolan Farms chicken in the winter, the only place to find one is from your own freezer -- be sure to order enough to get your family through until the following June.  Information on availability by emailing Farmer Chrissie at, or call (503) 730-7535.  

"Do not buy our chicken if you're looking for low prices.  If you want cheap chicken, you can find that at any grocery store. Our mission and dedication is to produce the highest quality, most nutrient-dense, most responsibly raised, best-tasting chicken that you can find anywhere."

CHICKENS are sold out for all of 2018.

At Kookoolan, we hand-raised our birds the old-fashioned way, from start to finish.  Pastured, free-ranged, organic-fed half or whole birds still competitively priced at $6.19/lb.  Our chickens are large, generally 6 to 8 pounds, or about $40-$50 per whole chicken.  For the last three years we have completely sold out for the year even before our first baby chicks arrived.  Reserving now for the 2019 season (October 12: we are more than 75% sold out for 2019).  No live bird sales.

Kookoolan Farms 

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