At Kookoolan Farms, we hand-raise our birds the old-fashioned way, from start to finish. 
Pastured, free-ranged, organic-fed half or whole birds still competitively priced at $6/lb. 
Our chickens are large, generally 6 to 8 pounds, or about $35-$50 per whole chicken. 
For the last four years we have completely sold out for the year even before our first baby chicks arrived. 
Accepting waitlist/standby names for the 2021 season. 
No live bird sales.

YES we have chicken and duck options for customers with anaphylactic histamine sensitivities.  Ask us about same-day processing.



Now Accepting Reservations

Our Pekin Ducks are pasture raised by family farmers in the verdant expanses of

Oregon's Willamette Valley.

These beautiful birds represent the highest quality poultry available in the Pacific Northwest

Prices for 2021 Ducks are yet to be determined