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Kookoolan Farms is your local farm for hand-raised  birds done the old-fashioned way, from start to finish. 

 Pastured, free-ranged, organic-fed half or whole birds still $6/lb., same price since 2016.  
Chickens raised this way are a seasonal product.  Kookoolan Farms chickens are available about June to October each year. 

To enjoy our chickens during the winter, you must stock up your own freezer before November! Very few 2021 chickens remaining, reserve today!

Our meat chickens are large, generally 5 to 7 pounds, or about $30-$42 per whole chicken. 
Chicken Stock Kits are $12 each.  Each about 3 lbs., comprised of an assortment of feet, backs, necks, heads, and wing tips.  Perfect for a large pot of stock (about 6 quarts).  Case of 10 stock kits $100.

Accepting reservation/waitlist names for the 2022 season. 

No live bird sales.

YES we have chicken and duck options for customers with anaphylactic histamine sensitivities.  Ask us about same-day processing.



Now Accepting Reservations

Our Pekin breed Ducks are pasture raised by family farmers right here in Yamhill.

These beautiful birds represent the highest quality poultry available in the Pacific Northwest.

Whole Ducks $8/lb.
Seasonal Product
Available Summers Only

Buy now, freeze for winter.

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