ALL Kookoolan Farms seafood is: wild caught, from certified sustainable fisheries, with no added preservatives or plumpers or other ingredients of any kind, and sashimi-safe.  Pick up at our farmstore in Yamhill, Oregon, or sign up through our delivery partner Driveawayz and we can do touchless delivery right to your door!
We currently offer SOCKEYE SALMON, PACIFIC COD, ALBACORE TUNA, BLUE JUMBO SHRIMP, NORTH ATLANTIC SEA SCALLOPS, and HALIBUT.  Details for salmon and cod are below but I ran out of space; email me for pricing and particulars for the other species!
Wild-caught Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fillets from Bristol Bay, Alaska

The Bristol Bay fishery in Alaska is one of the world’s last great sustainable salmon fisheries. About half of the world's wild sockeye salmon comes from Bristol Bay. We're very pleased to be partnering again this year with the Popsie Salmon Company and Ocean Beauty to be able to offer you 25-lb share boxes of wild-caught sockeye salmon fillets!

We are thrilled to have connected with a direct source for Alaskan wild-caught sockeye salmon. The Popsie Fish Company has been set-net fishing at the mouth of the Egegik River in Bristol Bay since 1987. Tony Neal and his family, including daughter Sarah, a Portland, Oregon-based school teacher, have a three-generation business. “Popsie” was the grandchildren’s nickname for Tony’s dad, Paul Neal, Jr., a successful businessman who set the example of hard work and self-reliance. Tony carried Popsie’s example forward to his own family and the fishing business. The Neal family honored Popsie by naming their fishing company after him.

Salmon season is late May to mid-August, with extended family members gathering at the fish camp, located on the ocean beach near the mouth of the Egegik River. The summer months are spent working the nets as the tides, weather, and regulations allow, “trying to catch every salmon we can” while making sure quality is kept to the maximum. When the season is over, the family disperses to their homes in Alaska, Oregon, Florida, and Ireland, and Tony gets busy selling and shipping sockeye salmon.  We are now stocked up with glorious, deep-red, wild-caught sockeye salmon from the July and August 2020 season -- that keeps its color through cooking, and is safe to serve at home as sushi. Popsie Fish Company wild Alaskan sockeye salmon is the best there is! 

Fillets are just as shown above -- boneless fillets, skin on one side, individually vacuum packed.  You can buy fillets one at a time in our retail store for $13.99/lb (about 1.2 lbs average per fillet) or you can order a 25-lb "Share Box" for $350.  25-lb box contains about 20 fillets just as shown above.  At their peak now through the end of the year!

"OMG Chrissie, I felt like I was going out on a limb buying a share of salmon, my partner said what are you doing? and then we cooked up the first one and it was SO GOOD. Best salmon ever. Now we're afraid we're going to run out before next season's salmon is available, so I think we better get a second box! Thanks for getting us access to this amazing salmon. Best either of us has ever had and we'll want more next year too!" --Robbie M.
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Wild-caught Alaska Cod

This is Pacific "true cod" - the real deal.  Firm white flesh with sweet-neutral flavor.  Hook and line caught in the Bering sea, and frozen on board at sea for the freshest flavor.  Each skinless fillet is individually vacuum packed, about 1.5 to 2 lbs each.  Cod is the most economical seafood option we offer at just $9/39/lb.  Or order a 25-lb "share box" for just $234.  Here's a photo of the cod we had at our Thanksgiving last year (you can see our turkey just behind the cod!)  It was spectacular.