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Our commitment to ethically and sustainably raised proteins extends to our seafood products.

We work with only the most environmentally conscientious fisheries  and processors in the

United States.

All of our seafood options are

sashimi grade and are delicious

both cooked and raw.

Our seafood products can be purchased in individual portions or as share. 

Scroll down for more details.



Origin: Oregon

Our Rockfish is sustainably caught in the wild off the coasts of Oregon. Wonderful deep fried or pan fried, these delicate white fish take on the flavor of herbs and sauces very well.

A great fish for a great price. 


Origin: Oregon Coast


Our Rockfish is sustainably caught in the wild off the coasts of Oregon. Wonderful deep fried or pan fried, these delicate white fish take on the flavors of herbs and sauces very well.

A great fish for a great price.


Origin: Bristol Bay Alaska

Our Alaska Sockeye filets come from The Popsie Fish Company based in Egegik, Alaska. 

The Neal family of fishermen have been sustainably fishing the waters of 
Bristol Bay for 2 generations.

The alluring deep orange-red color of these filets speak to the quality of this unmatched salmon.



Origin: Bering Sea, Alaska

These skinless filets are the real deal. 

Affordable and versatile, these delicate fish are delicious pan fried, baked, or deep fried for fish and chips. 

Sustainably harvested in the ice cold water of Alaska's Bering Sea.

Pacific Cod


Origin: Oregon

Our Albacore Tuna Filets  are sustainably caught off the Oregon coast. These fish are juvenile when harvested which means mercury content is not a worry. 


Skinless, boneless, and sashimi ready.



Albacore Tuna


Origin: Bering Sea, Alaska

Lean, Mild, and Bright in flavor; our Halibut represents the highest standard of US seafood production. 

Wild caught with a "green" rating from the Moneterey Bay Aquarium. Completely natural, no added plumpers or chemicals .



Origin: Oregon

Our Oregon Bay Shrimp were the first bay shrimp to be certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Individually quick frozen for freshness; these shrimp come ready-to-eat out of the bag and are the foundation for any number of quick and easy meals.


Bay Shrimp

Origin: Maine, North Atlantic

Our Sea Scallops are the only seafood item in the US to be Certified Fair Trade.

Completely natural and chemical free; these luxorious shellfish are wonderful simply seared in butter.


Sea Scallops

Origin: Mexico, Sea of Cortez

Our Jumbo Shrimp are wild caught in the Sea of Cortez. Completely natural and chemical free. 

Ocean Trust sustainability endorsed these are the most ethically harvested shrimp in the world. 


Jumbo Shrimp

Salmon Fillet

Why Does a Small Pasture-Based Farm in Yamhill Sell Seafood??


From 2008 to 2011, Kookoolan Farms meat chickens were available at all New Seasons Markets.  During those years, Farmer Chrissie personally delivered chickens every week to Ocean Beauty Seafoods, Portland's premier seafood distributor and the oldest seafood distributor in America.  During three years of weekly stops, of course Chrissie would sometimes fill up her water bottle, use the bathroom, order a wild salmon at the will-call window, and just chat up the office staff. We love seafood, but before developing our seafood program we had gone for years without eating it, partly due to environmental and conservation concerns, partly due to health concerns, and partly due to paralysis at the retail seafood counter. 


Several years later, when our customers started inquiring about Wild Salmon Shares, Chrissie knew just who to call.  Ocean Beauty has worked with Kookoolan Farms to curate the most sustainable and most healthy seafood available anywhere, with premium sourcing that most retail outlets cannot afford to stock.  We've also put in the time to become experts preparing it.  You will find the quality of our seafood, and the depth of our knowledge about those seafoods, unsurpassed anywhere


ALL of our seafood is certified-sustainably WILD-caught, in some of the most pristine waters in the world, ALL sushi-safe, and ALL with no added plumpers, fillers, preservatives, or additives of any kind.

YES we have seafood options for customers with histamine sensitivity.  Ask us about which species are frozen at sea within minutes or a few hours of catch.

Shrimps and Noodles Soup
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