How to Use the Kookoolan Farms Farmstore

The Unstaffed, Self-Service Farmstore at Kookoolan Farms

Kookoolan Farms products are only available at Kookoolan Farms. Our going-on-twelve-years in business, reputation for the best grassfed and pasture-raised meats, and tremendously loyal customer base has meant that for the past two years, we do no farmer's markets, no grocery stores, no restaurant deliveries, no buyer's clubs. Every day, customers are picking up their orders for freezer meats right at our farm in Yamhill. Here's how it works.

Open every day, 9am to 5pm, extended hours on request

Other than a few brief vacation breaks, our farmstore has been open 365 days a year since the summer of 2006. We are nominally open from 9am to 5pm, but we totally "get it" that it's a long drive and you have a busy life. We are happy to offer extended pickup hours upon request. Yes we've had someone pick up at 10pm. Yes we've had someone pickup at 5am. These exceptions don't happen often, but if that's what you need, we can make it work.

Please call ahead for your first visit

The thing about our unstaffed, self-service honor store is, well,'s unstaffed. So if you just show up without calling ahead, there's a chance that we may have run out to a dentist appointment or something. Over the years we've learned that you will have a better first experience if one of us is here to show you how it works: how to pick up an order, what's available for walk-in sales, where the restroom is, how to pay us, etc, and to answer your questions about animal husbandry and feeding, share packages, and availability. Once you're comfortable you're welcome to stop in any time at your pleasure. Eggs and kombucha, for example, are available for walk-in sales every day. We're almost always here on the farm, and we are happy to answer your questions, make change, help you carry your meat to your car, or otherwise help. We just don't stand around in the store waiting for people to help.

Welcome to our unstaffed, self-service honor store!

Our farmstore is always unstaffed. We're happy to come out and help, but we do not stand around in the farmstore waiting for people to help!


We do not have any ability to process credit or debit cards, we are cash or check only. Your personal check is always welcome and is the easiest and preferred way to pay. Cash works too and yes we can make change.

You'll write up your own invoice. The invoice book has two copies of each invoice -- one for you, one for us. We do not care who gets which color. Put one copy of the invoice plus your payment in the locked payment box.

If you are leaving a deposit for something you're ordering, for example paying $50 deposit toward a new beef order, then you would write "1/8th regular/sampler beef share, deposit ... $50" along with any other items. In this case obviously it is very important to put your name and contact information (email and phone) on the invoice so I know who ordered the beef and left the deposit!

And again, we're happy to come out and help. We're just not standing around in the store waiting for someone to help.

What can I buy today?

We do have a few things for cash and carry sales today. But mostly we offer 100% grassfed and pasture-raised meats that are reserved in advance and then picked up. We have eggs available every day from pastured hens, $6/dozen. We have Chrissie's handmade "Purity" brand kombucha, two flavors, $3.50/bottle or $33/case of 12.


Park as close as you can to the red door at the end of the driveway. This is the farmstore. We park our family cars closer to the house so that YOU can have the best parking place closest to the farmstore. Somehow this always encourages new visitors to park near our house and cars, far away from the farmstore. Park near the red door. Those open parking places are for you!

Oh and by the way, our farm runs on 100% solar-generated electricity. This includes the house and all the outbuildings including the farmstore and its freezers. It also includes the electric vehicle charger in front of the store. You are welcome to plug your electric car in while you're here and recharge your battery for free. This service is free to anyone.

Picking up your meat share

Probably you're visiting because you got an email from me letting you know that your pre-reserved meat share is ready to pick up.

Park as close as you can to the red door at the end of the driveway and come on in through the red door.

Find your name on the lid of a cooler or freezer. Your meat share is inside.

The tag on the bag has your name, the species and package of meat you ordered, its hanging weight, price per pound, and total price. We subtract the deposit you paid, and the tag shows your balance due on pickup. The tag will also tell you how many total bags make up your order. (For example, 1/8th beef fits in one bag, but a half pig or a quarter beef requires two bags.) You get to take the whole bag with you.

Use the cart! This makes moving those heavy bags to your car a lot easier!

You always get a free book with your beef, pork or lamb share. We have about 25 titles to choose from, choose any one you like!

You always have the option of adding bones, fat, or organ meats. Not everyone wants these things, so we do not force them into your share. The packages of bones are specially designed for soup: each package contains a mix of meaty bones, marrow bones, and connective tissues. You can take as much as you want on an as-available basis and there is no extra charge. There's a fine line between enthusiastic and greedy: that line seems to be somewhere in the neighborhood of six to ten packages of bones. More than that means other customers with the same entitlement and desire won't get any.

Farm Tours and Animals

Yes, we're always happy to show you around and introduce you to the animals, we just ask that you call ahead and make an appointment. 503-730-7535.

Our AirBNB Suite Please be aware that the gray, one-story addition at the back of the house is our AirBNB suite. This is not the farmstore, not the tasting room, not the restroom. This space has nothing to do with the farm, but you can check out the photos here. Almost every weekend we have guests staying in this suite. Please do not bother them with farm questions. Chrissie and Koorosh live in the two-story yellow house. Yes we have a public restroom; if you need it and don't know where it is, just give us a call, 503-730-7535!

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