2018 Mead Releases, available now!

ELEGANCE is our flagship mead. It is a semisweet traditional mead, made only from honey, and this is our fourth release of this popular favorite. Farmer Chrissie uses a cold process to blend water and raw honey to 24 brix (the same starting gravity as the ideal pinot noir), and ferments with EC1118 wine yeast. No heating means all the delicate volatile aromas of the raw honey are preserved in the finished mead. ELEGANCE is inspired by the idea that the first meads were spontaneous accidents of nature that happened in the hive itself, and therefore Chrissie’s meads always include extravagant additions of royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis, and beeswax. ELEGANCE was aged for ten months in French oak. It finished at 14.8% ABV and 5% residual sugar (semisweet wines are generally defined as those with 2% to 5% residual sugar). Full, silky mouthfeel; aromas of oak, wood, beeswax and tobacco; noticeable alcohol heat, and a long finish. Pair ELEGANCE with smoky curries or eggplant dishes, grilled chicken and fish, smoked salmon, a cheese and charcuterie board, or anything coming off your grill. If you like smooth, oaky Chardonnays, you’re sure to like ELEGANCE. Drink slightly chilled, like a good Chard. 102 cases produced. 750ml bottle is $29.

COPPER mead is a semisweet pyment. Pyment is a style of mead made from a blend of grapes and honey fermented together, or from a blend of finished grape wine and finished mead. Pyments are not generally sweet (although some can be), but rather are wines that exhibit characteristics both of grape wines and of mead. Our 2016 pinot noir harvest yielded only 45 gallons of grape juice, so Chrissie blended together our estate produced, French-oak-aged pinot noir and Elegance to create a copper-colored, rosé-style wine. At 14.2% ABV and 2.4% residual sugar, COPPER is on the cusp between dry and semisweet. It is a big, crisp rosé, pairing beautifully with grassfed beef and lamb from Kookoolan Farms, as well as with Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern dishes or with a cheese plate. Best well-chilled and young; store COPPER in the refrigerator and drink this year. Only 42 cases produced; this will sell through quickly. 750ml bottle is $29.

SHIPPING: Yes we can ship books, mead and wine: books can ship everywhere; mead ships everywhere in the U.S. except AL, AR, DE, KY, NY, MI, IL, NH, OK, RI, SD, UT, and VT. Sorry we cannot ship out of the country. Sorry, we cannot ship kombucha, eggs, or meats. To order call Farmer Chrissie at 503-730-7535 or email kookoolan@gmail.com.

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